Japanese Kimono

Each country has it’s traditional cloth. One of them is Japan. Kimano is exact, long dress. Women ard man, both of them put on kimano in holidats. Word kinamo means “thing to wear.” It’s very difficult to put it on, you need 2 or 3 man to help. It contains 20 accessories. Hapanes don’t disclaim that Kimano is very comfortable to wear every day.
Today Japanese women wear facilitaled Kimano, don’t use all elements. To wear improved Kimano is necessary on holidays and on wedding.

It’s important a picture of Kimano. It’s popular with the season of years. But the picture must concide with season. For example, japanese woman won’t wear Kimano with winter image, when outside is spring.
There are different varianties of Kimano.

Irotomesode – this is monotonous Kimano image or embroidery is low at waist. In order the married women wear it.

Furisode – birdes wear this Kimano. For example on parties and weddings. It’s desigred by plants.

Homongi – this Kimano is wore on official receipt. Everybody can wear it.

Komon – is universal kimano. It can wear every woman. It may be wear when you are with a man in the restaurant. Although in weddings and partys. This Kimano is panted with beatifull flowers which makes wonderfull composition.

Shiro-maku – it’s white wedding dress with white scart.

Japan traditional shoes:

Geta – made from very light pauwlonia wood various designed Kimano style straps.

Zori – with square tipped and blacic velvet strups. The soils are made of a tatumi style woven “igusa” grass.

Setta – with square tipped and various designed denim straps in traditional Japanese “wafu” style.

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